Walk Skip Run Glide – MASSIVE (Tabla and Bass Selections)

Waveform Modulations announces the Official Release of “Massive (Tabla & Bass Selections), a full length full on headbobbing, foottapping enchanting adventure direct from the mind of Walk Skip Run Glide (aka mcthfg). Filled with melodic rhythms, fine tuned tablas, soaring sitars and the mystical vocals of Sandhya Sanjana. Get your copy NOW!

Trackhed – Jack The Question (Alpha Omega LP)

“Trackhed – Alpha Omega”, a musical story about the rise of a genetically manipulated humanoid civilization. Can “humans” survive?

Get the full length version of “Jack The Question”, and 7 other Trackhed tunes available on the full length version of “Alpha Omega”.

Trackhed – Alpha Omega

Trackhed – Alpha Omega
addictech – http://www.addictech.com/p/80290

Trackhed – Alpha Omega

Trackhed – Alpha Omega

Music written by Colin McCown
Cover Art by EKL
Mastered by Kri at AudioValve, North Carolina
(p)&(c) MMXI Waveform Modulations

Video by Koveryl