FLAK – Roots (Flow Tactics LP)

Daniel Broache, aka FLAK aka Exfil, hails from the industrial wastelands of the Rustbelt (Ohio). “Roots” (from the full-length album, “Flow Tactics”) sheds a bright beam on the lighter side of drum and bass with atmospheric landscapes and epic builds.


Music by Daniel Broache
CG Cover Art by Daniel Raphael Potthast
Video by Koveryl

Audio Mastered by Kri at AudioValve, North Carolina
(p)&(c) MMXI Waveform Modulations

Drumstep Command Force – Launch Sequence

drumstep command force cover

Brad BiTT presents: Drumstep Command Force – Launch Sequence

A mega release of cutting edge drumstep insanity & beyond! Drumstep Command Force is the code name for Earth’s highly trained special mission team. Its purpose… to defend freedom against evil organizations determined to rule the World.

Together, the musical werk of artists/soldiers such as Flak, Squnto, Trackhed, & Quetzatl form “Drumstep Command Force”. Full length solo albums by each member of Drumstep Command Force are also available on Waveform Modulations.